This is to help my friend and neighbor, Masoud Ahmad Khan, get his freedom back.

Masoud, an AMERICAN CITIZEN, was sentenced to life in U.S. prison on 5 March 2004. The "terrorist conspiracy" case against him is hateful, absurd, and without merit. Like the imprisonment of Japanese Americans (living on the west coast) after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the imprisonment of Masoud and many other Muslims after 9-11 is a crime of bigotry and untempered fear. (By the way-- Japanese Americans living in Hawaii were not imprisoned during Word War II. Racism is strange, isn't it?) In 1990, President Reagan apologized for the crime of imprisoning Japanese Americans. "Never again," he said.
Two of Masoud's co-defendants in the "Virginia Paintball" case, Seifullah Chapman and Hammad Abdur-Raheem, are U.S. MILITARY VETERANS. Like Masoud, they pled innocent to all charges. They refused to accepting a corrupt plea bargain offered by the U.S. Attorney General's prosecutors. Their resistance is honorable.
This website is a prayer and a hope that this attack on the U.S. Constitution, Masoud's unjust imprisonment, will not stand. I set up this website as a volunteer. I am an American. So is Masoud. But where did America go?

-- Steven Sellers Lapham, 20 Jan. 2005  Masoud Ahmad Khan holding his son 2004

Masoud Ahmad Khan holding his son 2004

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