Masoud Ahmad Khan

In response to the article regarding the terrorism conviction of my neighbor, Masoud Khan, I feel compelled to write.
What began as government persecution of the “paintball terrorists” has resulted in a lifetime conviction of a gentle, apolitical American man.
Like Masoud’s lawyer who publicly stated belief in his client’s innocence, I hold the same belief.
Even more important, however, is what this legal action means to all Americans.
Masoud’s conviction proves that McCarthyism is alive and flourishing in our great country and every citizen should be alarmed.
John Ashcroft’s henchmen continue to ask Masoud to “name names” in exchange for a reduced sentence.
Indeed, the paintball players who pled guilty and lied about their acquaintances have received sentences as short as two or four years.
Unlike the despicable Arab Muslims who massacred Americans on 9/11, Masoud’s understanding of his Islamic faith is that man does not bear false witness against an innocent person.
How many of us could be faithful to such high principles when facing a 100 year prison sentence?
Mr. Ashcroft and President Bush would like you to feel safer now that this alleged local terrorist cell has been prosecuted.
Do not be fooled.
Masoud’s trial is an example of the Patriot Act run amok.
These convictions are but a smokescreen to cover the fact that no real terrorists have been captured.
It is easy to condemn all Muslims, not only for 9/11 but for their daily killing of American soldiers in Iraq, and their relentless suicide bombings in Israel.
But hatred is the path to losing our individual humanity and blinds us to the truth.
To sit silently while these injustices occur will make Mr. Ashcroft’s McCarthyism tactics become easier and more frequent.
Remember, Masoud is an American Muslim.
Who will be next to have their home invaded, their belongings seized, and false charges levied against them?
As an American Jew, I know the answer – Nazism is a lesson Jews are taught never to forget.
Who will be next – maybe you.

Karen Teitler Johnson
March 14th, 2004

SOURCE: The Muslim Link

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