Masoud Ahmad Khan

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Masoud Ahmad Khan

I am an American citizen, born in this country, and will always maintain my innocence of conspiring and intending to bring any harm upon the American people.

I have no doubt that I am innocent of the charges brought against me and that surely justice will prevail in good time.

Sentenced to life imprisonment without parole
What crime did he commit?

Masoud, an AMERICAN CITIZEN, was sentenced to life in U.S. prison on 5 March 2004.
The "terrorist conspiracy" case against him is hateful, absurd, and without merit. Like the imprisonment of Japanese Americans (living on the west coast) after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the imprisonment of Masoud and many other innocent Muslims after 9-11 is a crime of bigotry and untempered fear.  Masoud Ahmad Khan holding his son

Masoud Ahmad Khan holding his son

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